An exciting range of business opportunities to choose from

Whatever your ambitions, the team can provide you with access to a wide range of companies selected as the most appropriate fit to your business skill-set, experience and interests. Rigorous due-diligence processes and risk mitigation techniques are employed to ensure that each business has been carefully previewed and represents a genuine business opportunity.

Applicant's Benefits

Seed Mentors agreement providing five years of business support through expert mentors

Multi-cultural working environment with an opportunity to develop business in the
applicant's country

Additional Director provided by Seed Mentors protecting the applicant's interests

Full concierge services ranging from booking train tickets to finding a home for the applicant

Additional 360 days outside the UK is permitted on business and personal matters

Guaranteed job creation by the investee company

Free legal advice helpline for any problems the applicant encounters in the UK

Put option of the investee company

Salary received every month if the
applicant works for the investee company on a full-time basis

All Parties' Benefits

Medical benefits of the National Health Service

No restrictions on travel throughout the EU after 6 years

Dependent's Benefits

Free education at state schools during the 5-year period

University education at the UK citizen rate after 5 years