Benefits of Being a UK Resident

Living in the UK has not only business benefits but social benefits as well. 

Healthcare, when you reside in the UK you are able to receive free healthcare services via the National Health Service (NHS). In England there are some additional costs regarding medication and appliances prescribed. There are primary and secondary healthcare services available.

Education is free, all public school education is free up until the age of 18 where you would normally enter higher education such as university where only then would you require funding. Also if you have young children and are working a lot of schools have before school and after school clubs, this means you can drop off children before work and collect them after work aiding parents who work full time.

Help Centres, the UK has a lot of public service centres that aid people who live in the UK. Whether you are in need of personal medical attention or need help with finances there is a public service that you can access.