Can You Buy a House to Apply to be Eligible for Tier 1 Visa Application

Under Tier 1 Entrepreneur or Investor visa regulations there are terms and conditions that you will need to abide and understand before application. Frequently the question if the applicant can purchase a property in the UK as part of the £200,000 investment gets asked. The answer is no. 

How about a business involved in property construction or refurbishment? The Immigration rules states that any investment part or whole made into a business engaged in property investment, management or development is not considered a qualifying investment for the purpose of a Tier 1 application.

Having said that, when the revenue of the business invested in is generated through the supply and goods and not the increase in value of the property and rent collection, the investment will then be eligible under the Tier 1 points based system. This then makes it eligible for individuals at invest in a wide range of property related businesses including and not limited to real estate agencieswhere the business is only engaged to market and not acting as the landlords for lettings, construction firms where the revenue is generated by the building of the property and hotels where the property is not rented out and no tenancy agreement is involved. Property refurbishment businesses may also be eligible in the case where the company does not own the property that is being improved. 

Do read the guidelines in the application to ensure that you have satisfied all the requirements by the Home Office and it will be beneficial to engage an Immigration specialist to assist in your application to avoid any confusions in the process.