Do You Need Medical Insurance?

Coming to the UK on a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa will incur a surcharge of £200 per year for medical services (not including dental and optical care) and this entitles to have access to the National Health Services (NHS). Like some UK nationals you may feel that you prefer to obtain private health care as it can offer three key advantages, shorter waiting times, quicker diagnosis and better facilities such as a private room. Health insurance can also give you access to specialist drugs and treatment that may not be available via the NHS. Private insurance ultimately gives you more choices, comforts and reassurance from your initial consultation, treatment and aftercare. 

It is therefore seen as more cost efficient to obtain medical insurance via insurance companies. There are different types of private insurance, Individual, Family, Child and Joint health insurance. Each company varies in their criteria so you will need to consult with them individually to understand the terms and conditions. You can choose to pay the private fees as and when you are seen but if you are receiving regular treatment this can become costly. The health insurance companies in the UK are Bupa, Aviva, Pruhealth, AXA PPP,  Simply Health, General Medical, WPA and Saga. It is important to consider this before you leave, as you may be pay towards medical insurance in your own country, so what does this mean when you leave. Consider the NHS and whether you want to factor in additional costs for private health care whilst in the UK.