How Does Brexit Impact You as a Tier 1 Entrepreneur

“London is still open for business” - These are the words UK prime minister Theresa May spoke earlier this year, saying that Brexit would not lead the UK to closing their doors but in fact welcome and seek out new trading partners and allies around the world, and would maintain a good friendship with its European neighbours.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who launched the #Londonisopen campaign last year wants to show that London as well as the UK will retain its ‘creative and entrepreneurial spirit’. You can take a look and see how the campaign is impacting morale for the UK as well as international relations at 

It is understandable that as an international investor that you perhaps be unsure as to whether the UK is where you want to invest your time and investment. However as you can see there are vigorous attempts and campaigning to reassure those currently residing in the UK, as well as international individuals who are looking to come to the UK, that the UK wants to welcome new business and people. 

As it stands, the rules and regulations of the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa have not changed and the process of application is as it was before. Import and export duties may be affected by the impact of the Brexit and costs of stock may increase if importing from EU member states. Having said that the Brexit talks are still on the way and these concerns among others, which will be negotiated in the Brexit exit talks.