Independent Schools in the UK

There are two types of schooling systems in the UK. One is the state run or commonly known as public schools. These schools are managed and funded by the government. On the other hand we have the private schools also known as the Independent schools. As its name depicts, they are independently run, charge fees to their students as they are not funded by the government and they are also not required to follow the compulsory national curriculum. However, the schools must be registered with the government and are subject to regular checks. 

Generally all independent schools are inspected by either Ofsted or the School inspection service. They are independent school inspectors and all reports are published online for the public to have more access and to understanding how the school is performing. This allows parents to make informed choices prior registering their child in the school. 

The fees vary from schools and also the cities in which they are based. One can expect an independent school in London to be more expensive than one situated in Wales. However, in general the fees are high and can stat anywhere from £600/month to £3000/month. 

It is said that independent schools have smaller quality students, which allows students to teacher ratio to be apt and ideal. This allows the teachers to interact with the students on a more intimate level understanding the needs of individual students and ensuring that all is provided towards their success. 

Choosing between a state and an independent school comes down to personal choice and affordability levels. It will be also good to know that there may be several bursaries or scholarships in place so when enquiring at the school don’t forget to ask.