Psychology Based Services in the UK

Coming to the UK, or moving to any new country will bring about a certain level of stress and anxiety. It is not easy to adapt to a new country and leave behind everything you know, even if you are excited about it. In the UK there are public and private services available for anyone needing help with mental health issues. It is important to understand that everyone at some stage goes through psychological issues, sometimes you are able to self-resolve these and other times. If you are in need of external support there are many options available. The NHS offer free mental health services however you normally would need to be referred by your GP (General Practitioner) and unless you are a high risk patient there can be up to a few weeks waiting time to be seen.  There are self-referral options available and online services available. There are a number of mental health charities and helplines available as well depending on your need. The UK have a lot to offer for those in need of psychological support, don’t suffer in silence because you may believe that there is shame to experiencing these issues, speak to someone and just like you would get a physical condition treated the same goes for the mind. You can find the information and links via the NHS website, additionally for helplines you can visit