Public Healthcare Entitlements in the UK

The UK government had introduced the Health Immigration surcharge for any application that came through from April 2015. All non-EEA persons applying for visas to come to the UK for more than 6 months will be required to pay a charge to cover National Health Service (NHS) healthcare in the UK.  The payment will go directly into the NHS and applicants will be entitled to receive the same cover as a permanent UK resident. You are required to pay for this immigration as part of your application. For Tier 1 Entrepreneurs it is £200/ per year for each application. This means that if you are granted a 3-year visa, you will have to pay £600 on the onset of your application. After you have successfully paid for the Immigration Health Surcharge you will be provided with a reference number which is to be included in your application. Failure to do this, can result in your application being refused.

If your application gets refused, then this health surcharge will get refunded back in full to you. The refund normally goes into the same card you initially made payment with.

After you get your visa approved and are in the UK, you are then entitled for the same benefits of a UK citizen.

Medical consultation and treatments are free with a nominal charge of £8.60 for each prescription given. However this charge only applies on in England. If you are living in Wales or Scotland then your entire visit to the doctors will be free. The good news is that if you have dependents with you in the UK, the same benefits apply to them as well.