Religious Schools in the UK

‘Faith schools’ are common in the UK and at least one third of schools in the UK have a faith designation. Many of the faith schools are funded by the UK government. So what is a faith school? They are schools which are recognised for having a faith belief and education students in the faith. Majorities of faith schools in the Uk have a Christian faith designation, however for you Tier 1 Entrepreneurs migrants there is also good news. There is also a number of schools with other faith designations, including Muslim, Jewish, and Sikh. 

In England as of September 2014, there were 6,210 state-funded faith primary schools, making up 37 per cent of the total number of primary schools. In Wales, 239 primary schools out of 1,544 are faith schools, while in Scotland 370 of the 2,569 primaries have a religious affiliation.

What is the admission process like for a faith school? When these schools become over subscribed, they can use this faith criteria to allocate admissions. However when a place become available they are obliged to offer a place with any discrimination. The website provides the following brief summary of the position of state-funded faith schools.Typically, priority is given to children whose families have some sort of affiliation with the school’s faith. For example, places might be allocated in the first place to: Children who are baptised in the religion or children whose families regularly attend specified places of worship.

Faith schools are also required to follow and adhere to compulsory national education but they are free to choose what to teach in religious studies.