Unlike the Tier 1 (Investor) Visa where you need a minimum of £2,000,000 to invest in the UK, with the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visa, you can invest from just £200,000

  • Applicant is required to provide evidence of £200,000 available to invest in a UK business. (£200,000 can be shared between two applicants applying at the same time, provided that they intend to invest in the same business or businesses.)
  • Applicant must be able to demonstrate ability to support themselves with maintenance funds in their bank account (a minimum of £3,310 must be held in an account over a 90 days period prior to making the application.)
  • Applicant must achieve or exceed level B1 of the Council of Europe's Common European Framework for Language Learning in all four components (reading, writing, speaking and listening).
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Entrepreneur's Obligations

  • Once appointed as Director of your chosen UK company, you must be registered for National Insurance
    (NB: there is a prohibition on investing funds in in property or property development).
  • By the end of year 3 of the initial visa, your business must have created the equivalent of 2 full-time jobs, for UK citizens or persons settled in the UK, which have existed for 12 months.
    (NB: As an entrepreneur, you can work in any business into which you have invested, but you cannot take outside employment)
  • After a total of 5 years, the entrepreneur can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain and after another 12 months can apply for British Citizenship.
  • If one can generate an income of £5 million or create 10 full time jobs then you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in 3 years instead of 5 years. 

Costs & Fees

The Plan is based on providing straightforward and cost effective advice in a professional manner. The service offers candidates for citizenship through business investment, an approach that is friendly, accessible and cuts through legal complexity to deliver no-nonsense advice and legal help. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

(NB: In order to qualify for Indefinite Leave to Remain after 5 years you cannot spend more than 180 days outside UK in any 12 month period; in order to qualify for British Citizenship you cannot spend more than 810 days outside UK in the last 5 years and not more than 90 days in the last 12 months preceding the application.)

For years UK trade and investment has played a vital role helping our businesses to export and encouraging inward investment. Now, as part of our long-term economic plan, I also want us to help businesses bring back production to Britain.
— David Cameron, UK Prime Minister